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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How long will the project take to get completed?
    4-6 weeks untill completion
  • 2. Payment Policy?
    Payments are 100% in advance, to fasciliate a smoother process and hasslefree experience.
  • 3. Instruments that can be recorded?
    All instruments can be recorded for the backing track, Instruments like Guitar, Piano, Tabla etc
  • 4. Cancelation policy for scheduled music sessions?
    Sessions / Rehersals once scheduled can not be cancelled. In case of cancellations there will be a rescheduling fee.
  • 5. Can I change my song in between?
    Choosing a song is a process that integrates multiple variables therefore we highly recommend staying true to your selction.
  • 6. Will I get a Refund?
    We follow a NO Refund Policy & it is non-transferable if you have already begun the process
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