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Meet Dhruvi

Mother, Singer, Entrepreneur


Dhruvi Kumar is an Indian & Western music singer, who followed her heart and has recorded multiple songs for us to enjoy.


She trained in San Francisco and brought the Mother toddler music course to India under her brand wagon. She is someone who finds joy in sharing her passion for music. An extremely warm person and a passionate musician at heart. Her voice adds a unique touch to every song she sings. Her smooth style seems effortless to anyone who lends a listening ear. The rough vocal textures allow her to match any actor’s voice when she’s singing any genre of song. Evident from her live performances where she has managed to sing Bollywood and Hollywood classics effortlessly, one can infer that Dhruvi Kumar can shine in any kind of genre. 

She is making an effort to help individuals with aspirations and talent to fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals by being a part of her new mentorship program, "Passion Projectss" by Dhruvi. 

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Strive to be the best version of yourself 

Dhruvi N Kumarr

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